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Experimenting with watercolour

new 372 new 370new 378   new 376new 381new 380To me it feels that you create the best watercolours when playing with it the …

Does that make sense….watching the colours through the water flowing where they want, and you have absolutely no control over it!  A feeling of letting go.

I started working on a tree.  Not finished yet, still needs some finer touches but I love seeing the end results of playing. Never knowing how the paint will dry.

(Different views on my camera)

Something from the Garden

new 386 new 385Recently my friend Christina Vosloo and I decided to do a watercolour painting each week after a theme we take turns to choose.  When walking through our gardens I found these old Wellingtons my father used for these flowers.  I still need some final touches on this painting and will post the final once I’m done.

Took with different views from my camera!  Super vivid…and low light.

Changing a bathroom door…

new 363new 362new 367new 365

I recently (bored) attacked my bathroom door with paint and a few strange ideas…the outcome was not too bad!!
On the outside door I put up one of my rose paintings and then painted little birds lower down. On the inside I went wild with more birds and a love theme!! The nice thing is that i can just cover it with white paint and start again…!!! Never worked on such a big canvas before…!!
The first photos are the “before” then the “after”


a Girl called Kaylynn

This little girl loves everything pretty…and butterflies…

I made this from paper to hang on her bedroom door


Creating for Children

I’m at the age now where my friends are all starting with families.  Which means baby showers and presents.  I started to make some decorative boards for childrens rooms.  I work mostly with felt, it’s easy….basically cut and paste.  I like the wonderful bright coloured pictures you can create.

But with the last baby boy, I attempted something different using only paper.  I had different colours and textures and cut out silhouettes of each, double sided.  they get glued together with a nice ribbon in the middle, creating something cute to hang from the wall, the ceiling or above the baby bed… Once you start there are a million thing to attempt and a million ideas in your head!!  I love doing this.  Unfortunately I did not take pic’s of all my attempts, but this is a way to just relax, and enjoy.


My Excavation – The Terracotta Warrior

I received this do it yourself excavation set from my brother in law, Charl.  You get a brick, small excavation tools, and the outcome is your own little terracotta warrior. It was fun and messy…and Alexa did the final  inspection.

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