Oil on Canvas


  • There are different types of oils that are used to create oil paints. These types include linseed oil, poppyseed oil, walnut oil and safflower oil. Each type of oil creates a different look and dries at a different time.


  • Oil painting was first used in Western Afghanistan. The medium made its way throughout Asia and the Middle East between the fifth and ninth century. It did not become popular, though, until its use in 15th century Europe. Several Renaissance artists are credited for the invention of painting with oil paints, but the actual inventor is unknown.

Other Media

  • There are other types of media that are often used alongside oil painting. These types of media include resins, waxes and varnishes. Sometimes oil paints are boiled in resins before use. Resins usually are pine or frankincense. These media can help protect the painting, give it shine, translucency and density.

Historical Uses

  • Before the popular choice of canvas, oil paints were used on wood panels. Oil paint was also used to paint shields in the Middle Ages for tournaments and for decoration. These shields were stronger when painted with oil paints instead of tempera paints, which were popular at the time.

Modern Uses

  • There is a modern oil paint that is heated to 265 to 280 degrees Fahrenheit first before painting and dries when it is cool. This kind of paint resembles normal oil paints and is often shown as oil pain

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