Charcoal schetches

These different scetches were laminated and served as a birthday present – to use as placemats on your dining room table.

I gave it with black serviettes, tied with a silver bow.


Charlene – Charcoal and Conte

My friend Charlene was pregnant with her first – a girl named Talana.  I took this picture at her Stork Tea which was held at my house on the farm.  Charlene is a very petite young woman, and I think carrying this baby proved to be very interesting.  Right now she is pregnant with her second baby. Now a boy to be named Rudi.  Talana is now 3 years old and definitely her mothers little princess.

A4 on handmade paper

Ballet shoes – Charcoal and Conte

A4 on home made paper – offwhite

Ballerina – Charcoal and Conte

This was one of my first tries working in Conte and Charcoal.  I love this.  I made it originally with a scetch in conte of ballerina shoes for my friend Charlene, when she was pregnant with her first baby at the time.  In the meantime however I did ballet shoes for her in watercolour which came out beautifully, and I rather gave her that as a present.

This is on A4 homemade paper, off-white

The Girl – Charcoal

This was my first charcoal scetch.  I got an idea from a magazine and made the scetch my own.  I love this one, and will definitely never give it to someone or sell it!!!

Nude – Charcoal

I love working in Charcoal, especially when it gets all messy and your hands all black!! A body always works in charcoal!